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Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Pushes To End Controversial ICE Program

Cory Booker Reintroduces legislation to end controversial ICE detention program and pushes for PROTECT Immigration Act

2020 presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker announced he and 5 other senators would reintroduce legislation on Tuesday, May 14, to amend section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s practice of training and deputizing local law enforcement as federal immigration agents, part of President Trump’s January 25 executive order.

PROTECT Immigration Act

Rep. Mike Quigley, a Democrat from Illinois reintroduced the measure in the House, known as the PROTECT Immigration Act. First introduced in 2017, the PROTECT Immigration Act of 2017, to “discontinue a Federal program that authorizes State and local law enforcement officers to investigate, apprehend, and detain aliens in accordance with a written agreement with the Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and to clarify that immigration enforcement is solely a function of the Federal Government” was not enacted.

Sen. Booker’s press release said,

“President Trump’s executive order actually undermines public safety. That’s why we didn’t enter into these agreements when I was mayor of Newark. We knew that using local police to detain suspected undocumented immigrants who committed nonviolent crimes was a waste of limited resources, distracted officers from fighting serious crimes, and chilled residents’ cooperation with law enforcement. Immigration enforcement should be the job of the federal government, not states and communities. It’s time we revoke the federal government’s authority to deputize state and local law enforcement to enforce immigration law.”

CBS news reports, “the measure could curb a recently announced ICE program to sidestep policies curbing local authorities’ cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.” Sen. Booker’s measure does not address other controversial administration efforts on immigration, nor does it block ICE detainers. 

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