Who will help you with your immigration needs?

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The immigration and naturalization processes in the United States present a number of different challenges. You have to determine if you qualify for a green card or citizenship, identify the best way to present your immigration request, show proof, fill out paperwork, possibly interview and make monetary payments among other steps. One minor slip up can make the difference in being granted a permanent resident status or being denied. There are many different ways and services that individuals utilize to navigate the convoluted system:

Do-it-yourselfers: These people assume all the risk and responsibility in the immigration process. They are themselves trying to immigrate or trying to help a family member or fiancé immigrate. At most they are researching online and reading books to help guide them in the right direction. You may seek help from a friend or family member that got their own case approved, however each case is different and what worked for one, may not work for another. Pros: Very low-cost. Cons: High probability of mistakes which may prolong the process or be cause for denial.

Notarios: Also known as immigration consultants or Visa consultants, they have a history of fraud and a lack of credentials. They are intended to advise on immigration matters however they come with a high-risk. Pros: Low Cost. Cons: Fraud, Money theft, improper filings resulting in delays or denials.

Immigration Attorneys: Attorneys are professionals who have met education requirements and have been licensed in the states they serve. Pros: Ability to check on an attorney’s credentials through state board and other associations, most likely to have a firm grasp on the processes and proper filings. Cons: Higher cost.

ImmigrationSimplified.com: There are a few online options available to help you with your immigration needs. The main difference between us, and the others is that we provide a lawyer overview without the traditional high lawyer cost. Many of our online competitors do not provide experienced immigration oversight. Pros: Attorney Review, Low-cost, Personal interaction via email/skype. Cons: Internet only.

There are many options available to you to help with your immigration needs. Immigrationsimplified.com was developed to provide the best in service, the best in law experience and the best in class value.

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