Expedited Removal: New Rule Fast-Tracks ICE Deportations

Map and passport

A new rule by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published in the Federal Register on July 15 provides that undocumented persons can be subject to rapid deportation without due process — known as “expedited removal” — if they have been continuously present in the United States for two years or less.

If an undocumented person cannot prove their residency quickly, they could be immediately deported.

The new rule also removes the current requirement that expedited removal can only be applied to undocumented immigrants arrested within 100 miles of a land border. The new expedited removal will be implemented nationwide.

Immigration attorney Mario Godoy of Immigration Simplified says it is unlikely most undocumented immigrants can immediately prove they have lived in the United States continuously for the past two years or more,

Most immigrants do not carry proof they live in the United States with them on a daily basis. Are ICE agents expecting that individuals carry evidence proving he or she has lived here continuously for at least 2 years. Expedited removal orders deny these immigrants the basic American right to due process.

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