FAQs: Can Immigration Fees Be Waived?

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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) bureau has the discretion to waive an immigration filing fee if the applicant can establish that he or she is unable to pay due to financial hardship. In order to have the USCIS consider waiving immigration fees, the applicant must follow specific instructions, including completion of a form for review by the USCIS.

Immigration lawyer Mario Godoy explains how immigration application fees can be waived for financial hardship,

USCIS recognizes that some applicants cannot afford to pay the immigration filing fees. USCIS has established a fee waiver process for certain forms and benefit types. They will approve a fee waiver only if you clearly demonstrate that you are unable to pay the filing fees. USCIS carefully considers the merits of each fee waiver request before making a decision. The waiver is for people that may not have the financial means to pay for their application because of low income, disability, or other financial hardships.

Anyone who is requesting a fee waiver cannot submit an immigration petition or application online. You must file paper versions of the fee waiver request and the form for which you are requesting a fee waiver.

The request form for an immigration application fee waiver is I-912 “Request for Fee Waiver.” This request can be submitted with your immigration forms.

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