U.S. Citizens Carry Passports Due to ICE Raids

Statue of Liberty and passport

Fear of ICE raids has led some U.S. citizens to carry their passports with them at all times, reports NBC News. Passports are legal proof of citizenship:

“The wary Americans, often Latinos, said they don’t want to get swept up in the planned roundups announced by President Donald Trump.”

Recent public statements by the Trump administration followed by an increase in Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids has caused anxiety in Latino communities. Many naturalized citizens fear they could be caught up in an immigration raid, and there have also been increased reports of U.S. born citizens being wrongly held for deportation.

ACLU lawyers report that a Marine veteran and U.S. citizen who was born in Michigan and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder was held for three days for possible deportation before federal authorities verified his identity.

Chicago immigration lawyer Mario Godoy says while U.S. citizens are not required to carry proof of nationality as required in some countries, it many people have legitimate fears about being swept up in an immigration raid:

As a naturalized citizen and immigration lawyer, I want to tell my clients to trust our legal process. Unfortunately today people can be detained without access to a lawyer unless they’re carrying a federal ID and proof of legal residence. It makes sense for citizens to carry passports or passport cards and proof they are here legally to avoid potential problems.

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