Facebook Will Shut Down Fake Profiles by USCIS

Immigrants walking in a line

Facebook has responded to a plan by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. immigration agents to create fake profiles by USCIS to investigate foreigners seeking a United States visa, sayingU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 9USCIS) can’t create fake accounts and that Facebook ‘will act on any violating accounts.’

Facebook spokesperson Sarah Pollack told the Associated Press:

“Law enforcement authorities, like everyone else, are required to use their real names on Facebook and we make this policy clear. Operating fake accounts is not allowed, and we will act on any violating accounts.”

In July 2019, USCIS said agents can now “create fictitious social media accounts to monitor social media information on foreigners seeking visas, green cards and citizenship.

Twitter said they will also shut down fake USCIS accounts:

“It is against our policies to use fake personae and to use Twitter data for persistent surveillance of individuals. We look forward to understanding USCIS’s proposed practices to determine whether they are consistent with our terms of service.” 

The new State Department plan follows the policy requiring applicants for U.S. visas to submit their social media identifiers in May.

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