FAQ: What Should I Do If My Green Card Is Expired

If my green card is expired, does that mean I am no longer a legal permanent resident?

A Green Card is a document to help you prove your legal permanent residency and also serves as a travel document that allows you to enter in and out of the United States. There are 2 types of legal permanent residencies:

  1. A Conditional Legal Permanent Residency: A Green Card that expires in 2 years and cannot be renewed.
  2. A Legal Permanent Residency with no conditions: A Green Card that expires in 10 years and can be renewed.

The type of Green Card you have will determine what action you need to take if it is expired or expiring. It’s important that you keep your green card status current. If your green card is expired, it may be difficult to travel or work. Most green cards are valid for 10 years and you should file for renewal 6 months before it expires.

United States immigration laws are complicated and updated frequently. Mistakes in immigration applications can be costly and stressful and can result in denial of your petition or delays. An Immigration Simplified attorney can review your Green Card eligibility and application or renewal. We review your situation, provide you with the proper forms and help you submit your application. Contact our office or call us at (312) 883-9944.