New H-1B Visa Fees

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Employers filing H-1B visa applications for skilled foreign workers will be required to pay an additional $10 fee to the Department of Homeland Security to register to file new applications. The proposed new H-1B visa fees were suspended for the current H-1B application period but is expected to be in place for the new period beginning in April 2020.

USCIS issued a notification of the plan to amend the current H-1B registration rule to include the fee. A public comment period on the proposed new fee is open until October 4.

U.S. employers have paid $5 billion in H-1B visa fees since 1999 to sponsor high-skilled foreign nationals:

“Employers have paid nearly $5 billion in mandated H-1B fees (currently $1,500 per a new or extended H-1B petition) that primarily fund scholarships for U.S. students and training for U.S. workers, a figure that rises to over $7 billion if one includes $1.6 billion in mandated anti-fraud fees and other government fees.” 

H-1B visas are in high demand to recruit top skilled global talent for many industries, including tech. With an anticipated 2020 cap of 85,000, there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of H-1B visas by the Trump administration. Valerie Bolden Barrett wrote in HR Dive:

“As of June 2019, H-1B petition denials were at 32% in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2019, according to National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) research.” 

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